Jack Brain & Associates

Automotive Advertising Expertise For Over 50 Years

Telling your dealership’s story is more important than ever. Every year, cars become more complex and at the same time they need less service. With that being said, the manufacturer requires the dealership to touch the customer at least once a year (sometimes twice). It takes more creative ways to reach your customer.

We have addressed this need with dealership-specific video production. These are not “off the shelf” generic videos provided by the manufacturer.

We showcase “your” facility and highlight “your” highly trained staff. It’s very important to position your dealership as the expert in car repair. We achieve this by demonstrating the level of expertise and training your dealership has invested in its employees and facility. 

We always showcase dealership personnel and stress the importance of OEM parts.

With our 50+ years of dealership marketing experience, the job doesn’t stop with the production of a nice video. We expertly deliver the message to your customer base in a professional and timely manner.

A word about direct mail; yes, we still produce the best mailers in the business, and the video only makes them better. We can remove clicks and views and reach those
customers with traditional targeted mailers.

JBA is in the unique position to fulfill all of the dealerships marketing needs in a very cost effective manner.

Now is the time to move to the next level of marketing. Give us a call today.